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Re: [O] org-ref code

From: Eric S Fraga
Subject: Re: [O] org-ref code
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 16:03:22 +0100
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On Thursday, 15 May 2014 at 15:31, Eric S Fraga wrote:


> If I load ox-latex *before* org-ref, cite: and other new links are not
> picked up.  If I load org-ref before ox-latex, everything seems to work
> fine.  It would seem that ox-latex is defining the links that are valid
> and this is not being updated subsequently?  I've not tracked this down
> yet but maybe Nicolas should have a look?

Following up on myself: org-ref has to be loaded *before* ox.el which
means also before any ox-*.el files.

I thought the problem was that the link types regexps used by org were
not being updated but invoking org-make-link-regexps after loading
org-ref had no effect.  Oh well.

: Eric S Fraga (0xFFFCF67D), Emacs, Org release_8.2.6-958-g7c8559-git

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