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Re: [O] Clock-in in agenda makes some headings with links disappear

From: Thomas Morgan
Subject: Re: [O] Clock-in in agenda makes some headings with links disappear
Date: Sun, 18 May 2014 23:29:06 -0400
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Bisecting shows that the bug (or at least the one involving
habits, if that's distinct from the one where items with links
disappear except for the links) was introduced by this commit:

Author: Bastien Guerry <address@hidden>
Date:   Thu Apr 17 02:31:23 2014 +0200

    org-agenda.el: Fix bug when displaying the changed date

Thomas Morgan <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi, Bastien, 
> Here is a recipe for what might be another manifestation
> of this bug.
> I'm using the maint branch: Org-mode version 8.2.6
> (release_8.2.6-21-g3b9419 @ /src/org-mode/lisp/).
> Files `setup.el' and `test-case.org' are attached.
> The directory added to the load path in `setup.el'
> will probably need to be customized.
> Steps:
> 1. Run Emacs: `emacs -Q -l setup.el'.
> 2. Open the agenda: `M-x org-agenda RET a'.
> 3. Add a tag filter: `/ TAB foo RET'.
> 4. Move point to the agenda line containing the TODO item:
> `C-s TODO RET'.
> 5. Move point to the end of the line with `C-e'.
> It does apparently move to the end of the line.
> However, `C-x =' reports that it is in column 0.
> I expected it to be in column 108 or 109.
> 6. Try to move point to the beginning of the line with `C-a'.
> It appears to move one column to the left.  I expected it
> to move to the left edge of the window.  `C-x =' says it is
> in column 108.
> 7. Try again to move to the beginning of line with `C-a'.
> This works.
> 8. Clock in with `I'.  Parts of the line change color
> but in column 0 `C-u C-x =' does not list any face.
> I expected the whole line to be highlighted with face
> `org-agenda-clocking'.
> 9. Now try to go to the item in the source Org file: `TAB'.
> I see this error: `Command not allowed in this line'.
> Best,
> Thomas

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