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[O] Org based websites w/o export

From: Ken Mankoff
Subject: [O] Org based websites w/o export
Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 13:58:49 -0400
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I've just come across an interesting website generator that I think has
potential for making Org websites. I have no affiliation with this
project, but thought it might interest this community. I have an
interest in an org-based website, but none of the existing ones have met
my needs yet.

Jr https://github.com/Xeoncross/jr is a static static (yes 2x) site
generator. Most static site generators work by you writing markdown,
then you converting to HTML locally, and then you uploading the static
HTML pages. Existing Org site generators work like this to, I think -
export to markdown and then convert again with Jekyll. Or of course you
can convert Org to HTML directly.

Jr works by having javascript render the markdown to HTML. That is, you
write markdown, upload markdown w/o running a generator, and the
generator runs in the browser of the viewer.

This is efficient for the server (simpler pages) and author (no need to
run a static site generator), but may be globally inefficient for a
popular site (many browser doing rendering).

If Jr or a fork rendered Org to HTML instead of Markdown to HTML, then
we could have website that are directly written in Org. A starting place
for this is the existing Javascript support for Org here
http://orgmode.org/manual/JavaScript-support.html but that still
requires you to export the Org file to HTML before uploading it to the

Anyway... maybe of interest to some of y'all. I'll be watching that
program develop and may be contributing to an Org port of it as I have


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