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Re: [O] [PATCH] Improve usage of odt content templates

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: [O] [PATCH] Improve usage of odt content templates
Date: Tue, 20 May 2014 16:37:45 +0800
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Rasmus <address@hidden> writes:

> Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> writes:
>> I think this is a more general issue: should we implement an
>>   #+OPTIONS: title:nil
>> feature? I think it makes some sense since we already have date:nil and
>> author:nil. In any case, keywords are not meant to be used for booleans.
>> This should be an OPTIONS item.
> That's nicer than a blank title ("#+TITLE: ").
> I prefer the earlier ox-behavior where no title would be printed if
> title was missing, rather than using the file-name.  The file name is
> never interesting in my work flow.  If introducing a title option it
> would be nice if an option is "print title if present" so that this
> can be set by default.


I'm forever deleting the title because I forget to insert an empty
string #+TITLE option. If there was an `org-export-with-title' option
I'd set it to nil and be happy 80% of the time.


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