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[O] Desktop search for Org-Mode (linux/os-x). Looking for betas and code

From: Jonathan Coupe
Subject: [O] Desktop search for Org-Mode (linux/os-x). Looking for betas and code reviewers
Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 20:55:53 +0100
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I'm working on an interface between the excellent recoll desktop search engine and org-mode. Recoll's a powerful beast with lots of options (booleans, proximity search, stemming, date, directory, file type) and the ability to search your recently (Firefox) visited web sites as well as files on your own machine. And recoll can do this for an awful lot of document types including even pdf, ps and word docs:


I've simply

1. Added an emacs function that calls recoll from emacs, allowing to send the word the cursor is on or enter a search from the minibuffer

2. Arranged for the search term and the results to be stored in a org file, with the results as links

3. Added a little more code so that you can select a search and update the results

I'll add the ability to update an entire page with a single click at some point - and possibly a way of having a page update when loaded.

The intended benefit is that users will be able to rapidly make indexes to collections of documents they've stored. (Which is something I'm prone to.)


1. If anyone is interested in testing this, please let me know

2. I could do with an experienced elisp coder to review this when I've finished. Things seem to be working well, but this is my first time coding elisp, and the docs and I do *not* get on. If anyone feels like volunteering - there will probably only be around 100 LOC - please let me know.

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