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Re: [O] Pandoc users, how do you use it with org-mode, and why?

From: Alan L Tyree
Subject: Re: [O] Pandoc users, how do you use it with org-mode, and why?
Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 08:24:42 +1000
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I'm using org-mode for a lengthy book. My editor has graciously agreed to edit the raw ord-mode files, thus eliminating yet another source of re-introduced errors.

However, the publisher asks her to format in Word, so after all the editing is done, I need to convert to Word. Pandoc seems a good choice:

org -> latex -> docx: the first step normal org export, the second step Pandoc.

It is good EXCEPT my book contains many, many cross references. In docx they come out looking like:

"see [sec-3-4-2]" when I want them to look like "see 3.4.2".

I'm still on a steep part of the learning curve, so don't know if Pandoc can be tweaked to fix this. I have also tried oolatex which is a part of the tex4ht suite. It does the right thing on cross references, but has some other minor problems.

I have also used Pandoc to convert a friends Markdown to ePub. Slick and nice.


On 22/05/14 04:01, Grant Rettke wrote:

Lately been hearing great things about Pandoc's ability to export to ebook formats and more. 

Folks that use both Pandoc and org-mode: how do you use them together, and why?

Kind regards,

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