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Re: [O] still seeing semi-regular lockups

From: Daimrod
Subject: Re: [O] still seeing semi-regular lockups
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 12:01:04 +0900
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Daimrod <address@hidden> writes:

> Daimrod <address@hidden> writes:
>> I have also semi-regular lockup with org-mode. I have opened a bug on
>> debbugs and here is what Stefan told me to try to debug this:
>>> You can try `debug-on-event'.
>>> There's jit-lock-debug-mode but it doesn't disable inhibit-quit.
>>> So you'll need to additionally use
>>>    (advice-add 'jit-lock--debug-fontify :around
>>>      (lambda (fun &rest args)
>>>        (with-local-quit (apply fun args))))
>>> Of course sometimes this doesn't work because jit-lock-debug-mode
>>> changes the way things are executed and the bug may not manifest itself
>>> any more, but it's worth a try.
>>> Another source of info is to
>>>   M-x trace-function RET org-adaptive-fill-function RET
>>>   M-x trace-function RET org-element-at-point RET
>>>   M-x trace-function RET org-element--cache-sync RET
>>>   M-x trace-function RET org-element--cache-process-request RET
>>> Then reproduce the hang, then break the hang somehow (maybe with the
>>> jit-lock-debug hack above, or maybe with debug-on-event, or with C-g C-g
>>> C-g, ...), then look at the *trace..* buffer.
>> I'll try to see what I can find this week end and report back.
> Ok, so the good news is the `debug-on-event' trick works. If you got a
> lockup, you can get a classic elisp backtrace by sending the SIGUSR2 to
> the Emacs process.
> The bad news is that I don't know yet how to reproduce the lockup. It
> seems to happen mostly (if not only) when I use org-mode +
> visual-line-mode + adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode + an input-method like
> latin-postfix.
> And it probably has to do with the cache mechanism. I'll try to
> reproduce it with the cache disabled but it hard to test because, as I
> said, I don't know how to reproduce it yet.

Grr, I still don't know how to reproduce this bug.

As I said above, I only had this bug with visual-line-mode +
adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode and input-method = latin-postfix.

It seems to happen with different configurationsa but it takes longer
(maybe days of editing) before it is triggered.

I've attached part of the traces (the whole traces are way too big) and
the backtraces.

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