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Re: [O] Escaping again!

From: Loyall, David
Subject: Re: [O] Escaping again!
Date: Fri, 30 May 2014 15:15:57 +0000

>[...] if one doesn't have systematic general escaping, there
> will always be legitimate uses that will not be addressable.


As a lowly user, I have often wished for a hypothetical function called 
org-escapify-region.  (And of course the reverse function.)

I've never even looked for one, though, because it is my understanding that org 
does not have general-case escaping, and without that, no such function could 
be complete (and stay complete).

I understand that it won't be easy, since every character I can see on my 
keyboard already has a purpose (or three).

To review: my requested new function is conceptually simple.  If the 
implementation can't be simple due to the lack of general-case escaping, then 
maybe this is an argument in favor of a deep change to org, but, that's a 
conversation I don't know how to participate in.  So good luck and thanks for 
your consideration, and thanks for such a useful piece of software. :)


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