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[O] #+INCLUDE: myfile.html html does not include /literally/; Org proces

From: Omid
Subject: [O] #+INCLUDE: myfile.html html does not include /literally/; Org processes
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2014 00:06:16 -0400
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I am trying to include an HTML file (say myfile.html, which has only
the <body>) in an Org file so that upon export the contents of
myfile.html are /literally/ inserted in the appropriate section of the
exported HTML file. Following
http://orgmode.org/manual/Include-files.html, I used

#+INCLUDE: "myfile.html" html

But checking the exported HTML document, I see that the included HTML
file myfile.html has been "processed" by Org. Other options (such as
src or example) work as expected. How can I get the literal include
behaviour with #+INCLUDE, as if the contents of myfile.html were wrapped


I don't want to use

#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results html exports results
cat myfile.html

for these reasons:
1. myfile.html could be rather large and dumping its contents in the
  Org file clutters things up.
2. Changing myfile.html would change the Org file, and makes a mess
   since my Org file is under git version control.



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