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Re: [O] Hiding checked items in a checkbox list (FR?)

From: Alexis
Subject: Re: [O] Hiding checked items in a checkbox list (FR?)
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2014 21:03:01 +1000
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Sergio Pokrovskij writes:

> Yes (actually I have about 80 items in my Springpad list; if the full
> list consists of mere 10 items, it fits the screen of my smartphone,
> and there is no real need to hide the checked items).

*nod* Fair enough; i was just making up some numbers in order to be

>   Al> 2. Initially mark all of them as 'unneeded' by checking all
>   Al> items with a single command.
> Possibly so.  Actually all the performed items get checked as I buy
> them, and those which for some reason I could not buy should preserve
> their open (unchecked, unimplemented) status.  So normally I need not
> perform this step (provided that what I have checked at the store gets
> synchronized back to the Big Brother); but in some infrequent cases it
> is nice to have such a command (though I guess it can be easily done
> with an M-% in emacs).


>   Al> 3. Uncheck (say) 3 items that are 'needed'.
>   Al> 4. Run org-mobile-push.
> Do I have to do it manually every time (more than once)?  Aren't such
> files synchronized automatically?

It depends on how you've set up MobileOrg. i sync via ssh, and thus sync
manually via org-mobile-push and org-mobile-pull from within Emacs. If
you use e.g. Dropbox, things might be different - i can't comment on

>   Al> 5. MobileOrg displays only the 3 'needed' items; the other 7
>   Al> checked (i.e. unneeded) items are hidden.
> Yes (in fact, normally there are more of them, a dozen at least).

See above - at this stage, for the purposes of understanding the core of
the flow you're wanting, the exact numbers don't matter so much. But in
terms of potential UI access to such flows, i'll certainly keep in mind
that lists might include many dozens of items.

>   Al> 6. As items are purchased and checked off the list, they can
>   Al>    either:
>   Al>    (a) remain visible; or
>   Al>    (b) become hidden upon being checked.
>   Al> Is that correct?
> Yes.  Normally (b) is sufficient for me, because normally I have just
> a screenful of interesting items.  But I can imagine that people who
> need longer shopping lists (more that one screen of them) would prefer
> to have a MobileOrg command to hide the newly-checked items as well.

*nod* Fair enough. i'll check the MobileOrg issues page:


for any equivalent and/or similar proposals, and submit a new issue if
there aren't any. Either way, i'll see what i can do about adding this
functionality. :-) Note, though, that i'm not the lead developer, so i
don't have any control over if/when any such functionality will be (a)
included in the master branch and (b) included in a release.


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