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[O] Dired-like agenda

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [O] Dired-like agenda
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2014 22:11:29 -0700

Here is a brainstorm/RFC/FR.  It is not entirely worked out,
but it gives the flavor.

The idea is to make Org agenda act more like Dired
for consistency.

For example, we might have commands like:

  1) %m -- mark headers with regexp
  2) %g -- mark headers with regexp in body text of entry
  3) %M -- mark lines containing a regexp
     + this would allow matching category/prefix etc.
     + Dired doesn't have this feature
  4) k -- kill this line or marked lines
     + this is similar to how < kills lines in the agenda
       that do not have the current category
  5) t -- toggle all marks
  6) s -- change sorting without redoing the whole agenda

Example of how it would work:

If you want to show only lines in the agenda that have a
category that matches "^x":

  1) %M ^..x RET to mark
  2) t to toggle
  3) k to show only the lines you want

This is actually something I want to do frequently.  It's
like < except with a regexp.  A command could do it, but it
might also be useful if the commands were more Dired-like.



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