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Re: [O] Adding source location information when tangling

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [O] Adding source location information when tangling
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2014 11:28:40 -0400
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>> Hi Thomas,
>> I believe the `org-babel-tangle-comment-format-beg' and
>> `org-babel-tangle-comment-format-end' variable should provide the
>> functionality you desire.
> Hi, Eric,
> Thank you, though I'm afraid I'm still having trouble getting
> the right result.  The closest I've come is with this setting:
>   (setq org-babel-tangle-comment-format-beg
>         "\\sourcefilename \"%file\"\n\\sourcefileline %start-line")
> But this adds comment characters before the commands.
> It also adds a blank line after the comment, throwing line numbers
> off by one.  (Actually they are off by two; maybe LilyPond needs
> \sourcefileline to be on the same line as the beginning of the code.)

Yes, these will be inserted as comments, not directly into the file.
I've just added a new customization variable which will allow you turn
off the automated commenting and trailing newline insertion.  Set
`org-babel-tangle-uncomment-comments' to a non-nil value.


Eric Schulte
PGP: 0x614CA05D (see https://u.fsf.org/yw)

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