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[O] org-mode and eww

From: prayner
Subject: [O] org-mode and eww
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2014 09:10:12 +1000

I'm moving from using emacs-w3 to eww as my text-mode browser within
emacs. org-mode doesn't seem to integrate eww very well yet (e.g.
org-store-link). Most of the required changes seem within my elisp
capability so I'll try to add them ... provided noone else has done
it.  Please let me know if someone is working on this or if I've
missed a package to include.
Please reply directly as well as to the list (I'm way behind).
thanks in advance

Peter Rayner
room 343 
School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne, 3010, Vic, Australia
tel: work: +61 (0)3 8344 9708; fax: +61 (0)3 8344 7761 
mobile +61 402 752 379, skype: petermorag 
mail-to: address@hidden
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