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Re: [O] Managing articles in orgmode and collaboration

From: Christoph Groth
Subject: Re: [O] Managing articles in orgmode and collaboration
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2014 11:13:46 +0200
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Hi again,

I’m replying to myself, as I think I’ve found a possible solution to my

Most publications have some kind of unique ID that can be present in BibTeX: a DOI number, a ISBN, a preprint ID, or an URL. One could use
one these fields as an org-id unique ID for the publication’s
org-mode-entry. (If several such fields are present, priorities could
be used to choose one.)  Then, org-id can be used to find article
entries by unique ID.

This way, even if a reference has been added to a project-specific
.bib-file by a collaborator (with some label of his choice), it should be possible to find the relevant org-mode-entry if the paper is already anywhere in the library. In the worst case, a missing DOI id will have
to be added to the .bib-file-entry.

The org entry on the article would contain links and notes. The BibTeX
data could be kept in a :BIBTEX: drawer.

Any comments?


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