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[O] Cooperating with oneself using the cloud?

From: Martin Schöön
Subject: [O] Cooperating with oneself using the cloud?
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 12:59:02 +0200

One of the things I use org-mode for is making and maintaining TODO-lists. I do this at home and at work and I want the org-files of interest to be available and up-to-date at home and at work. The work-related org-file can not be publicly available for obvious reasons.

I have emailed these files back and forth. This works but it isn't fool-proof (sometimes I forget) and I think there should be a less clumsy way to do this.

I have tried a  free and secure web-dav service. They are closing down and it also was a bit on the clumsy side since I never got their windows client to work at work. (Linux at home using cadaver.)

I have seen Git being mentioned in this context in these nooks of the woods. That should work if I can find a free Git repository allowing me to keep files secret. I have looked at a few but have not seen (key word!) clear information on this.

Options like BitTorrent Sync work really well but only if both computers run simultaneous which is not the case.

Other options? Dropboxish services that keep prying eyes at bay?

Martin Schöön


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