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[O] Babel support for Processing-language

From: Jarmo Hurri
Subject: [O] Babel support for Processing-language
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 20:09:28 +0300
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Greetings fellow org-fans!

I have already designed a couple of programming courses, and am now
considering getting involved in a new one. This one will be aimed at
young novices. I have decided that I only want to do this if the
programming language used is very visual.

The two options I have considered are Processing and Asymptote. Both
have their pros and cons, but Processing has the great advantage of more
or less direct support for animations. Animations can be done with
Asymptote, but it is pretty cumbersome, and you can not see the results
immediately. Animations would be a great way to lure youngsters into
programming. I run one Java course where the kids go nuts when they can
get something moving on the screen; for that course I have written an
underlying "game engine" myself.

Another condition I have set for the project is the ability to write the
material using org-mode. If I can not interleave writing, code and
results babel-style then I am just not interested. I have written one R
course using makefiles, and it's just a pain to do for anyone who has
seen what org is capable of.

So, finally, to the point. I would very much like to see support for the
Processing-language in org-mode. Supporting editing the language seems
straightforward, since there already is an Emacs-mode for Processing 2:


I just installed Processing 2 and the Emacs mode in Fedora 20 and they
work together like a charm.

However, I have _no idea_ what kind of work supporting output capture of
both static mode (image) and active mode (animation) would
require. Ideally, Babel support for Processing output would mean that in
the case of
1. an animation 
   - HTML export it would export the entire animation
   - PDF export it would export, e.g., the first frame from the
2. a static picture, the picture would be exported.

I think I might be asking for a lot. I am willing to work on this, but I
don't know what kind of an approach I should take. The command-line
support for Processing 2 (the program 'processing-java') runs the output
in a separate window. Would I have to capture the output of the window
with something like ffmpeg? Sounds like a huge hassle.

My questions would be:
I. Is anybody currently working on Processing 2 support in Babel?
II. Anybody interested?
III. Any other ideas? On this topic? ;-)

All the best,


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