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Re: [O] async export not working for me

From: Rasmus
Subject: Re: [O] async export not working for me
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 14:55:36 +0200
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Hi Julien,

Julien Cubizolles <address@hidden> writes:

> I could get it to work at last, thank you a lot. I noticed something
> though: when I run org-latex-export-to-pdf async on a very simple test
> org file, the *Org Export Stack* buffer displays
>  latex            0:07   /home/wilk/tmp/test.pdf
> and the minibuffer indicates that the process completed.
> When I publish a complex project, the line in this buffer is
>                   exit   *Org Export Process*<6>
> same as if there had been a problem. There is no success message in the
> minibuffer, but no error message in the *Org Export Process* buffer.

Async is solid so most likely you're still facing a bug.  Maybe
something is missing from your async init file that is available to
Org when you export without async — 'cause I expect the file to export
just fine without async.

I debug async errors by starting emacs -q, evaling my asyc init file
and exporting my non-functioning buffer without async.

Alternatively you should look for clues in `temporary-file-directory'
cf. the docstring of `org-export-async-debug'.

Hope it helps,

The Kids call him Billy the Saint

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