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Re: [O] CV in orgmode for export to pdf (and html?)

From: Dan Griswold
Subject: Re: [O] CV in orgmode for export to pdf (and html?)
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 20:49:03 -0400

Not sure anybody saw this the first time, so I'll try again, with some expansion.

Unlike the others who've commented, I moved my CV from LaTeX to org-mode and I'm happy with the results. Two things make it work well.

First, a "cv" class added to org-latex-classes:

(add-to-list '("cv" "\\documentclass[10pt]{article}\n\\usepackage[margin=.75in]{geometry}\n%\\usepackage{palatino}\n\\usepackage{sectsty}\n\\sectionfont{\\normalsize\\selectfont\\itshape}\n\\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}\n\\usepackage{libertine}\n\\renewcommand*\\oldstylenums[1]{{\\fontfamily{fxlj}\\selectfont #1}}"
  ("\\section{%s}" . "\\section*{%s}")))

Second, something like the following at the top of the org file (replace with your particulars):

#+OPTIONS: author:nil timestamp:nil
#+LaTeX_CLASS: cv

  \bfseries\Large Curriculum Vitae\hfill Daniel M. Griswold\normalfont

  69 Stratton Road\\
  Rochester, NY 14610\\
  (585) xxx-xxxx\\

Main headings are things like:

* Education
* Specialization
* Employment
* Publications
* Awards and Honors

and the details below each of these headings are simply unordered lists

I really like the easy of editing in org-mode this gives me.

Hope this helps,


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