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Re: [O] header arguments, inheritance, and noweb expansion Was: «Macro»

From: Andreas Kiermeier
Subject: Re: [O] header arguments, inheritance, and noweb expansion Was: «Macro» expansion in source blocks; code-sharing between blocks
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2014 13:49:13 +0930

Thanks Chuck,
I thought the same, especially since I found the tabular() function by looking at Hmisc and rms documentation (both packages by Frank Harrell).
But as it turns out the latex method for objects of class tabular is defined in the table package and it has a much more limited set of options.
The upside is that I found the additional functions margin.table and addmargins (I knew about prop.table) which are going to make my life easier with R's tables.

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On 21 September 2014 01:36, Charles Berry <address@hidden> wrote:
Andreas Kiermeier <andreas.kiermeier <at> gmail.com> writes:

> On 19 September 2014 20:29, Rainer M Krug <Rainer <at> krugs.de> wrote:>

[ snip ]

> The alternative mentioned by Chuck Berry is the xtable function (in R)
> (https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-orgmode/2014-09/msg00519.html).
> I just tried it and am happy to share that it does created the whole
> output in one go, i.e. it does exactly what I need, including table
> float, caption and label. Now I just got to sort out how to created the
> tables without the use of tabular ...

I suggested xtable because that is what I often use.

But thinking a bit more, I decided to look at tables::tabular() and
at Hmisc::latex(), which I think is what you used at first.

And it turns out that latex() has args for caption, label, where, and
loads of other things. See its help page. So, it looks like you have the
control you need and the ability to use

  latex( tabular(...), caption = <...>, label = <...>, ...)

to good effect.



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