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Re: [O] Formal description of Org files

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] Formal description of Org files
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2014 14:43:43 +0200


Gustav Wikström <address@hidden> writes:

> There was a discussion many years back about a formal description of
> Org files [1]. In some way that might be achieved now in org-elements,
> but that still is heavily bound to elisp.
> So my question is; have there been more discussions of constructing
> such a formal grammar? Maybe in EBNF form. I suspect getting every
> aspect of Org mode into such a description would be difficult. But
> imagine the possibilities. Tools such as ANTLR and similar would
> straight away have a way of parsing Org mode. Org mode source files
> could be parsed in many other languages, simplifying the process of
> expanding Org mode to other platforms ( Android & iOS, web ).
> Further rant; To me Org mode should be less about Emacs and more about
> the source file format. Let Emacs be the main carrier, but let Org
> mode also expand into other domains. One way to simplify this might be
> to provide the formal description so that other tools might be easier
> to develop based on this grammar.
> (For me, the biggest limitation of Org mode is lacking tools to
> utilize it on the run. The aim of this is thus to feed thoughts on how
> to simplify processes that can expand Org mode into those "more
> mobile" domains).


  (info "(org) Org syntax")


Nicolas Goaziou

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