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Re: [O] [ Bug] tsia-{up, down} sorting strategy not working for tags sea

From: Subhan Michael Tindall
Subject: Re: [O] [ Bug] tsia-{up, down} sorting strategy not working for tags search agendas
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2014 16:34:58 +0000

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> From: address@hidden
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> Behalf Of Sebastien Vauban
> Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 12:57 AM
> To: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: [O] [ Bug] tsia-{up, down} sorting strategy not working for tags
> search agendas
> Subhan Michael Tindall wrote:
> > I have the following agendas (among others) defined:
> > ("x" "Last worked" ((alltodo "" ( (org-agenda-sticky nil)
> >                 (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote (tsia-up
> > todo-state-down))))))) ("y" "Last worked2" ((tags "LastWorked={.+}" (
> > (org-agenda-sticky nil)
> >                 (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote (tsia-up
> > todo-state-down)))))))
> >
> > I have a property defined in headlines that have been worked on:
> >                 :PROPERTIES:
> >                 :LastWorked: [2014-09-02 Tue 16:02]
> >                 :END:
> >
> > TODOs etc that have not been worked yet don't have this property.
> >
> > The top search ("x") creates an agenda with items with a LastWorked
> > property sorted with the least recent first, down to most recent,
> > followed by any items with the LastWorked property unset sorted by todo-
> state.
> >
> > The bottom search ("y") creates an agenda with only items with
> > LastWorked property set (which I want) but completely ignores the
> > tsia-up sorting strategy and sorts only by todo-state.
> >
> > I have confirmed that org-agenda-sorting-strategy-selected is correct in
> both cases.
> > The only difference is the agenda type (tags vs alltodo)
> >
> > Any ideas where to look for this ?
> I guess it's directly linked to a problem I reported last September. This is
> indeed annoying...
> See issue #29 on http://orgmode.org/worg/org-issues.html (and see the
> pointed thread).
> Best regards,
>   Seb
> --
> Sebastien Vauban
Indeed, it does appear to be the same issue.  I assuming no progress on fixing 
I guess that leaves me with two workarounds (suitable for my purposes anyway):
Use the "alltodo" search type and either
A) write a customized skip function to exclude any entries without a 
'LastWorked' property entry
B) write a customized sort so that empty entries sort to the bottom, not the 
top (possibly in both directions IE
ABCDEEEEE for tsia-up, DCBAEEEEE for tsia-down
Either of these will get me what I want.  I'm a reasonably competent 
programmer, a minimal elisper, and have almost no familiarity with the org 
code.  Any suggestions on which of these would be easier or more 
I did take a look through the code to see if I could sort this out myself, but 
couldn't really make heads or tails of it.

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