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Re: [O] Keeping metadata/notes about files and directories

From: Christoph Groth
Subject: Re: [O] Keeping metadata/notes about files and directories
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 08:55:01 +0200
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Darlan Cavalcante Moreira wrote:

> See the custom commands for the agenda in the manual. You can create a
> command to do a search in specific files.

Indeed!  That’s great, I didn’t know that this is possible.  The custom
agenda commands of type “search” also support more complex searches like
“-{author:.*burkov} semimetal”.  This solves my searching problem rather

Does org mode support such advanced searches also in other places?  It
doesn’t seem to be possible for “sparse tree” views of a single file.

> Of course you would need to change this custom command definition if
> you add more files, but with the idea of using one file per year from
> the other thread that means updating the custom command only once an
> year.

This is no problem at all, it could be even automatized.

> I didn't test this so see how searching in all of these files scale
> when compared to searching in one big file, but I imagine it would be
> faster.

If speed ever becomes a problem, I’ll see what can be done about it.

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