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[O] Follow mode: return to initial buffer after quitting

From: Fletcher Charest
Subject: [O] Follow mode: return to initial buffer after quitting
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 14:10:53 +0200

Dear Org community,

When I am editing a buffer, let's called it buffer A, if I want to take a look at my agenda, this creates a buffer B (*Org Agenda*) in a split window, next to buffer A:

A | B

I like to activate 'follow mode' when going through the *Org Agenda* buffer. If I do so, this creates a buffer C (my org file), which is going to replace buffer A in the view:

C | B

That's fine, so far. However, when I quit my *Org Agenda* buffer by pressing 'q', I'm watching at buffer C. I would like to look at buffer A (buffer C should be killed if it wasn't already opened).

Is there any way to accomplish this, just like using :kill-buffer t in org-capture? I am aware of org-agenda-follow-indirect but this is not what I want. Sorry if the question was already answered somewhere.



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