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[O] How to invoke org-export externally from outside Emacs

From: Miguel Telleria de Esteban
Subject: [O] How to invoke org-export externally from outside Emacs
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 10:56:26 +0200

Dear list,

I am using org-mode more and more everyday, congrats to the community for
such a great program!!

I would like to automate the generation of PDF/HTML/ODT... thorough a
command line with a makefile.  Something like:

file.pdf:  file.org

Is there a way to externally launch, let's say org-latex-export-to-pdf from
outside Emacs?.  Maybe through a script.

Probably this is more an Emacs-list question than an org-mode one but any
suggestion here will be welcome.

Cheers and thanks in advance for any suggestion.



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