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Re: [O] Bug: CAPTION space after 70th character (8.2.7c-71-g60418c-elpa)

From: Ken Mankoff
Subject: Re: [O] Bug: CAPTION space after 70th character (8.2.7c-71-g60418c-elpa)
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 12:50:47 -0400

* On 2014-09-26 at 11:53, Rasmus wrote:
> Ken Mankoff <address@hidden> writes:
>> If I have a #+CAPTION line, I can type my figure caption as I would
>> expect. But as soon as I pass the 70th column, the spacebar triggers
>> an error. I can type letters after the 70th column, but not a
>> space. When I press the spacebar on the 70th or higher column, the
>> mini-buffer says:
>> Buffer ` *temp*-624801' still has clients; kill it? (y or n)
> I can't reproduce using the latest version of org.  
> Does this happen when you start Emacs with emacs -q?  If not, it could
> be some third-party package causing the error.
> Try also M-x toggle-debug-on-error and make the error reappear.  This
> should give insights in where the error occurs.

debug-on-error doesn't help because there isn't actually an error as far
as I can tell. It is a bug, not an error. Nothing shows up in *Messages*

I've isolated the problem to this line:

(add-hook 'text-mode-hook 'turn-on-auto-fill)

Which I've had enabled for a long time, but has only recently been
causing issues with CAPTION lines. I can re-create it only when that
line is uncommented.

Oddly, even the re-creation is complicated. I can't get the bug to show
up in the primary window. I must launch a second frame. I can re-create
it like this:

$ /usr/local/Cellar/emacs-mac/emacs-24.3-mac-4.8/bin/emacs -Q
load Org
M-x auto-fill-mode
#+CAPTION lots of text and spaces does not cause bug
$ /usr/local/Cellar/emacs-mac/emacs-24.3-mac-4.8/bin/emacsclient -c foo.org
#+CAPTION and now the bug exists after line 70

It doesn't appear if I open a new frame with "C-x 5 2", only if I open a
new frame with emacsclient from the command line.

Some more strange behavior: If the bug appears and I close the frame,
and then open the file again (find-file foo.org), the file (a massive
ORG file) appears as "*temp*" in the modeline and the contents of the
file are only the 1 line of the caption. If I kill buffer *temp* and
then find-file again, the contents are correctly loaded.


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