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[O] Multiple entries of the same table in TOC when using longtable env +

From: Kaushal
Subject: [O] Multiple entries of the same table in TOC when using longtable env + #+MACRO limitations
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 13:43:52 -0400

Hi all,

I have explained this issue in detail in this stackexchange question: http://emacs.stackexchange.com/questions/314/toc-of-tables-for-org-mode-long-tables

I found a sort of workable solution but it is not very practical.

In the process of making that solution workable without having to request this feature from the org-mode team, I faced some org-mode macro limitations.

Unable to have nested macro replacement. The below is not possible.

#+MACRO: LT_REF     ref_longtable
#+MACRO: LT_TITLE   This is a long table
#+MACRO: LT_HEADER1 Header 1 
#+MACRO: LT_HEADER2 Header 2
{{{LT_HEADER({{{LT_REF}}}, {{{LT_TITLE}}}, {{{LT_HEADER1}}}, {{{LT_HEADER2}}})}}}

Unable to use macros in #+NAME:. The below is not possible.

#+NAME: {{{LT_REF}}}

We also can't have a MACRO that can expand to multi-line org-mode "#+" syntax lines.

Example: I couldn'd find a way by which {{{SOME_MACRO}}} can expand to:

    #+ATTR_LaTeX: :environment longtable
    {{{LT_HEADER(ref_longtable, This is a long table, Header 1, Header 2)}}}
    #+NAME: ref_longtable

What can be the best solution to get the longtables working with just one TOC entry per table?
Can the org-mode macros code be improved to support the above use cases?

Kaushal Modi

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