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[O] Tangling and Exporting an Unsupported Language.

From: Malcolm Purvis
Subject: [O] Tangling and Exporting an Unsupported Language.
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 16:53:56 +1000
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I'm writing an org document which contains code examples of a language
not supported by Babel (a local domain specific language).  The language
doesn't even have a supporting Emacs mode.

I'm wondering what the best portable approach is to managing the code
blocks.  I'm particularly interested in exporting the document to LaTeX
and tangling the code.  I may need to share the document with others, so
I'd prefer not to require a supporting elisp file if I can help it.

Currently I'm using the org language, since it seems to be the most generic:

#+begin_src org :tangle foo.bar

Is there a case for 'begin_src text' to handle arbitrary content?


               Malcolm Purvis <address@hidden>

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