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Re: [O] ox-odt doesn't honor :anchor "page"

From: Christian Moe
Subject: Re: [O] ox-odt doesn't honor :anchor "page"
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 09:58:01 +0200
User-agent: mu4e; emacs 24.3.1

Confirmed, but it seems to be a documentation error, not a bug. 

It works if you leave out the quotation marks:

#+ATTR_ODT: :anchor page

The docs do indeed unequivocally require quotation marks, but I don't
think there is any need for them.


Martin Gürtler writes:

> Hi,
> I'm using Org-mode version 8.2.7c (8.2.7c-74-gd2ecbe-elpa, org-plus-contrib
> package).
> I am writing a documentation in org mode with the intent of exporting it to
> libreoffice (using libreoffice on ubuntu 12.04).
> This works in general very well.
> I have a minor problem with image anchors.
> I think I followed the docs when writing
>     #+ATTR_ODT: :width 17 :anchor "page"
>     #+CAPTION: Some text.
>     #+LABEL:   fig:figureLabel
>     [[file:someFig.png]]
> The :anchor statement seems to be ignored in the export process, I always
> get images anchored to the paragraph.
> When using Jambunathan's version of ox-odt I get images anchored to the
> page, but there seem to be problems if there are two images on one page,
> images covering each other when both are anchored to the page..
> One of the few cases where doc is ahead of implementation?
> Regards 
> Martin

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