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Re: [O] sortable columns in html tables

From: Cook, Malcolm
Subject: Re: [O] sortable columns in html tables
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 19:35:17 +0000


The syntax for much of this has changed since that post.

Instead of
you will want

And, attaching a class to an exported html table is handled differently too.

Instead of 
        #+attr_html: class="sortable"
you want
        #+attr_html: :class "sortable"

Such declarations also work for exported tables if placed between code blocks 
that export tables and the result tables (i.e. immediately after the 

Also, if you want ALL tables to have a class of sortable, you _can_ eval the 

        (plist-put org-html-table-default-attributes :class "sortable")

i.e. by putting it in your emacs init.el 

Or, on a per-buffer basis, which is probably better,  you can put this in your 
.org file

#+BIND: org-html-table-default-attributes (:border "2" :cellspacing "0" 
:cellpadding "6" :rules "groups" :frame "hsides"  :class "sortable")

By the way, I don't use sortable, I use dataTable, but the method for getting 
the class attribute on the html table is the same.


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 >Hi David
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 >> How can I make sortable columns in tables? I would be useful to edit or
 >> export to html.
 >> Some experiences?
 >> Thanks!
 >As I understand you this pointer might be of interest:

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