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Re: [O] [patch, ox] Unnumbered headlines

From: Rasmus
Subject: Re: [O] [patch, ox] Unnumbered headlines
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2014 00:54:12 +0200
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Alan did some testing on a slightly older version of this patch and he
managed to publish his book without errors and with working links.  So
let's give it another shot.

I briefly tested the output of LaTeX, html, texinfo, odt, md, and
plaintext and made sure links work and that the right text is shown in
the output.

Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> writes:

>> Should I write tests for the new behavior?  If so, tests for each
>> backend or only for vanilla-ox functions?

> Tests for "ox.el" are mandatory. See "test-ox.el"

I have added some.  I don't know if it's comprehensive enough.  It was
not obvious to me what to test.

>>             (ids (delq nil
>>                        (list (org-element-property :CUSTOM_ID headline)
>> -                            (concat "sec-" section-number)
>> +                            (and section-number (concat "sec-" 
>> section-number))
>>                              (org-element-property :ID headline))))
>> -           (preferred-id (car ids))
>> +           (preferred-id (org-export-get-headline-id headline info))
> I think the following is more in the spirit of the code (you don't
> ignore :custom-id property):
>   (ids (delq nil
>              (list (org-element-property :CUSTOM_ID headline)
>                    (org-export-get-headline-id headline info)
>                    (org-element-property :ID headline))))
>   (preferred-id (car ids))

But we are not checking that :CUSTOM_ID is unique.  In ox-latex you're
required to turn on a variable on to get this behavior (I could be
mistaken here).  For now I have done as you suggest.  But I don't
understand why we are favoring CUSTOM_ID here over the nice, unique
label we've generated?

>> -       (let ((href ..
>>         (headline-label ...
>> -          (org-html--anchor ...

I reintroduced the CUSTOM_ID in these.

>> +  (let ((num 0))
>> +    (org-element-map data 'headline
>> +    (lambda (headline)
>> +      (unless (org-export-numbered-headline-p headline options)
>> +        (cons headline (list (setq num (1+ num)))))))))
> Last line:
>   (list headline (incf num))

Oh incf is quite handy.  Didn't know that one.

I leave it as (cons headline (list (incf num))).  Why?  'Cause that's
the format used by `org-export--collect-headline-numbering'.  While
simpler is nicer, I think it's better not to have to consider
different data structures depending on whether data is from
`org-export--collect-headline-numbering' or

If you feel the simpler structure is better we can also use that.

> Use `assq' instead of `assoc'.

Right, no need for equal here.

>> +(defun org-export-get-unnumberd-headline-id (headline info)
>> +  "Return unnumbered HEADLINE id as list of numbers.
>>  INFO is a plist holding contextual information."
>> -  (cdr (assoc headline (plist-get info :headline-numbering))))
>> +  (and (not (org-export-numbered-headline-p headline info))
>> +       (cdr (assoc headline (plist-get info :unnumbered-headline-id)))))
> I don't think it is worth to make this function standalone. I don't see
> any use case outside `org-export-get-headline-id'. I suggest to move it
> there.

Yeah, seems fair.

>> +  (unless
>> +      (or (org-export-get-node-property :UNNUMBERED headline)
>> +      (loop for parent in (org-export-get-genealogy headline)
>> +            when (org-export-get-node-property :UNNUMBERED parent)
>> +            return t))
>   (unless (org-some
>            (lambda (h) (org-not-nil (org-element-property :UNNUMBERED h)))
>            (org-export-get-genealogy headline))
>     ...)

Handy.  AFAIK BLOB is not a member of (org-export-get-genealogy BLOB)
(or so the output suggests), so (or · ·) is still needed.

Thanks again,

There are known knowns; there are things we know that we know

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