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[O] Undocumented command: org-table-blank-field (C-c SPC)

From: Vicente Vera
Subject: [O] Undocumented command: org-table-blank-field (C-c SPC)
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2014 21:18:03 -0300

Hello. I was browsing Emacs StackExchange and found this question:
One of the answers mentions the org-table-blank-field command and that
"For some reason it's missing from the manual.". I'm using Org
release_8.3beta-580-g787733 and yes, it is not mentioned in the Tables
section, nor in the indexes.
It might be a good idea to document this.
I would do it myself but haven't got my head around submiting patches,
filling papers (although is not always necessary?), but I might, if
nobody has the time. I don't want this message to be understood as a

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