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Re: [O] Transforming org-mode project in Gantt graphes

From: Alexandre Norman
Subject: Re: [O] Transforming org-mode project in Gantt graphes
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2015 23:03:16 +0100


I reworked on my code. You can find it here : https://pypi.python.org/pypi/python-gantt/

or with pip ::

  pip install python-gantt

Enclosed, there is two parts :

- python-gantt : this library is used to draw gantt svg charts from python
- org2gantt : used to transform org-mode files to python-gantt ones

You can see outputs here :

 - http://xael.org/norman/python/python-gantt/project.png
 - http://xael.org/norman/python/python-gantt/project_resources.png

To install python-gantt, just issue :

  python setup.py install

It requires :
- svgwrite
- clize


For using org2gantt, see help :

  python org2gantt/org2gantt.py -h

Basic usage is :

  python org2gantt/org2gantt.py org2gantt/example.org

It should generate two charts : one for tasks and one for resources assignment.

Syntax for org-mode


See org2gantt/example.org and org2gantt/README.org for detailed explanations.
Basically, you need to define :
- resources : in a special section "RESOURCES"
- and projects containing tasks.

Timeframe of tasks is defined by <SCHEDULE> (beginning) and <DEADLINE> (end).
Some properties are used for :
- duration of the task
- define some task's blockers
- resources used
- and some other things

Syntax is mostly compatible with org-taskjuggler when you have renamed RESOURCES

In addition, resources can also be defined as tags. I think it's better than the
org-taskjuggler property method as you can use them directly in org-mode !

My work flow


I work for a big company with two missions :
- sysadmin (os + apps) on a 300+ server park,
- do some integration and qualification on applications,
- deploy those applications on our servers.

I am managing 15 persons in two teams. One do daily sysadmin and the other one
do the IQ and deployment part.

For the sysadmin part, it's quite straightaway : daily repetitive tasks, and little
scheduling (server installation, patch, updates…)

For the IQ / deployment team, the dates of operations are not defined by me but
others (devs for the delivery and clients for production interruption).

Scheduling is done with a long term view (6 months - 1 year)… but evolve
as dev are usually in hurry at first and in late at the end.

For this, I need to check resources allocation in order to be able to do the
work. I used ganttproject for this. But it is not really user friendly and lack
good outputs I can share with others.

org2gantt allows me to do some nice pictures for big managers. And with
org-mode, it helps me to easily keep track of tasks (notes, documents,
milestones) and who is assigned to what.
Org-mode is also really usefull keep the someday/maybe notes.


On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 10:44 AM, Alexandre Norman <address@hidden> wrote:

On Mon Jan 05 2015 at 10:07:47 Pascal Fleury <address@hidden> wrote:
Happy New Year!!!

I wish you (all) an happy new year also !

Unfortunately, no.
I must say I like your output better, rather than opening another tool. But maybe there is a way to at least use the same properties to make it useful to more users ?

After a quick look, there are good design ideas to take…
I think I will do the switch !!!

Thanks !

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