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[O] Citeproc-java: Batch processing of citations

From: Vaidheeswaran C
Subject: [O] Citeproc-java: Batch processing of citations
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2015 00:13:57 +0530
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I am investigating the possibility of using citeproc-java within
Emacs/Org-mode[1].  citeproc-java is easy to use and is quite
promising.  Will you be open to making some enhancements that would
enable BATCH processing of citations.


With NO citation ids, generate a list of Citations for all the keys
.bib database.

# citeproc-java -s chicago-author-date -b ~/biblatex-examples.bib -f html -c
(Gerhardt 2000)
(Knuth 1986)
(Knuth 1986a)
(Knuth 1986b)
(Knuth 1984)
(Knuth 1986c)
(Aristotle 1877)
(Nussbaum 1978)


Allow `-c' option to take a bunch of "multicites" as below.

# citeproc-java -s chicago-author-date -b ~/biblatex-examples.bib -f
  html -c westfahl:space,wilde worman,yoon sorace

(Westfahl, n.d.; Wilde 1899)
(Worman 2002; Yoon et al. 2006)
(Sorace, Reinhardt, and Vaughn 1997)


Include a `-f' option where a subset of keys (that ACTUALLY occur in a
Org document) are specified.  Think of `-f' as a filtered list of


[1] http://Orgmode.org

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