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[O] Multicite syntax

From: Vaidheeswaran C
Subject: [O] Multicite syntax
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2015 11:59:22 +0530
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> Note that, as a consequence, the new object is incompatible with the
> previous one, since every citation is a multi-cite citation. See
> commit message for details.

Just a quick feedback.

  (:parenthetical nil :begin 807 :post-blank 0 :end 843 :references
                  ((:key "wilde" :prefix nil :suffix nil)
                   (:key "moore" :prefix nil :suffix nil)
                   (:key "westfahl:space" :prefix nil :suffix nil))
                  :parent #3#)

Having a plist for `reference' as opposed to a an Element proper gives
me cognitive dissonance.

How about replacing this

    (:key "wilde" :prefix nil :suffix nil)

with this instead

    (reference :key "wilde" :prefix nil :suffix nil :parent )
     ^^^^^^^^                                        ^^^^^^

Each `reference' is transcoded to it's contents in it's own right in

(a) Batch export all cites.

    In case of citeproc-java it would be batch export each multicite.

(b) Map `reference' to `contents' with transcoding being done by the
    citation command line.

Please confirm whether this change request is possible or not.


You may also want to replace `citaiton' with a `citation-cluster'(or a
multicite) and replace `reference' with a `citation'.

In effect, a citation-cluster (or a multicite) is one or more


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