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Re: [O] Citation syntax: Underscore MUST(?) be allowed in cite keys?

From: Vaidheeswaran C
Subject: Re: [O] Citation syntax: Underscore MUST(?) be allowed in cite keys?
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2015 16:16:56 +0530
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On Monday 09 March 2015 03:19 PM, Stefan Nobis wrote:
> Vaidheeswaran C <address@hidden> writes:
>> On Monday 09 March 2015 02:27 PM, Stefan Nobis wrote:
>>> IMHO keys with lots of ??? in them are a sign of a data problem.
>>> Therefore the author should solve the root cause.
>> Not in the specific case that I cited. The Bib entry is a pointer to
>> a website.
> I would say, even a website needs a date (in this case: date last
> seen). :)
> IMHO here you are mixing two different things: We already talked about
> direct support for Zotero as a backend, CSL etc. Therefore exporting
> to bibtex is not a requirement. 

When you say requirement, it is a good idea to say "requirement to
which parties or requirement in which context".

I am running Debian Squeeze.  The pandoc that gets bundled with this
debian version doesn't support citeproc stuff.  IIRC, to upgrade to
recent pandoc I would have to update one of the core haskell
libraries.  I am reluctant to upgrade my debian.  Believe me, if I had
quick access to pandoc-hs, there would be a ox-pandoc-citeproc already
in the tree by now.  (No I am not joking.)

The spririt of Free Software (and definitely Emacs) is to ACCOMODATE
MULTIPLE SIMULTANEOUS implementations of same functionality.  One good
example is a todo-mode.el (which ships by default on Emacs).  I would
venture to say, obsoleting a package is taboo.

By saying "bibtex is not a requirement", I hope you don't mean to
imply that bibtex users are any less blessed or less holy or that
their needs wouldn't be "readily" catered to.

(My intention is NOT to fight with you.  I am merely emphasizing that
pandoc/haskell is a recent development and there are some practical
problems associated with making THIS CUTTING EDGE package a
REQUIREMENT that other ORG USERS MUST depend on.  You can call me a
lazy bum!)

> Maybe the best way is to add a new export module to Zotero for even
> better org integration and handle correct keys in this module?
> IMHO it's the job of the citation manager to generate sane keys, not
> the job of org to accept arbitrary keys.
>> If you had shared how I can configure Zotero to leave out the
>> question marks that would have been the most helpful comment from
>> your side.
> I'm not a Zotero expert, I even don't use it. But with a quick look at
> Google I found this:
>   http://curiousjason.com/zoterotobibtex.html
> (in the Firefox profile there is a configuration file
> zotero/translators/BibTeX.js that needs to be edited; the above source
> is from 2010 - maybe today there is a GUI to edit this setting).


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