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[O] Internal Links with Spaces

From: Jacob Gerlach
Subject: [O] Internal Links with Spaces
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2015 13:05:40 +0000

Hi List,

I'd like to re-raise the issue discussed here. In short, storing and inserting an internal link to a headline containing spaces using org-store-link and org-insert-link causes export to fail because the space is "hexified" into %20.

It seems like the thread died because hexifying links to support external URL's conflicted with internal links containing spaces with no clear path forward.

Am I missing further discussion where this was resolved?

If not, is a fix still possible or is this a "won't fix" because of the clash with external links?

If it's "won't fix", is it possible for me to advise org-insert-link (or some other function) or configure some other individual hack to work around the problem? I never use org-insert-link for URL's, so I'd be glad to blindly stop hexifying even if it breaks that functionality.


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