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[O] Converting a Dissertation Template from docx to .org to use for LaTe

From: Paul Harper
Subject: [O] Converting a Dissertation Template from docx to .org to use for LaTeX
Date: Mon, 4 May 2015 22:58:04 +0700

To All,

I am doing an online MA in War in the Modern World from Kings College London. Due to my masochism and a desire to learn about reproducible research I have been learning to use Org-Mode for writing papers. I can now write my regular essays complete with working Biblatex bibliographies (which eluded me for ages).

Apparently I am not the only military history person who has done their dissertation in LaTeX but perhaps a rarity.

My problem is that creating an essay template was easy. The Kings College London Dissertation has very specific requirements. One of the more difficult for me is getting a preamble with "Dissertation submitted to the Department of War Studies, School of Social Science and Public Policy, King’s College London" above the Title. I've tried some improvisations using the title  but they have ended up a bit odd.

I tried using writer2latex to make some LaTeX to use in the Org-File. I guess I need some pointers.

How do I get the preamble above the title?

How do I make the fonts smaller in the title?

I need some items to appear on a page of their own. (ie. Ethical Approval, Abstract, Declaration, Table of Contents.) How do I do that?

I'll attach my Org-File, the Kings Cross Dissertation Template and a .pdf generated from Latex.

Thanks for nay suggestions.




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