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[O] bug:? org babel updating images (C-c C-c) triggers "show as text" (C

From: Leo Ufimtsev
Subject: [O] bug:? org babel updating images (C-c C-c) triggers "show as text" (C-c C-c) in imagemagick buffer.
Date: Fri, 8 May 2015 15:22:03 -0400 (EDT)


I use org-babel to make graphviz diagrams in my notes.

I open resulting images in the side panel via C-u C-c C-o (or right-click 
(See 20 screen shot)

Now it shows the image fine at first.

Then I run org-babel in the text buffer (on the left) to update the image on 
disk (C-c C-c).
But for some reason, this also calls 'show as text' 'C-c C-c' 
(image-toggle-display) in the side panel and causes the image to look like bits 
of text.

I then have to constantly go to the side panel to return it back to image. (C-c 

Sometimes I it happens after the 2nd update of the image. But eventually I'll 
see text.

I can't find any way to stop this from happening. 
I've tried to remove keybindings to image-toggle-dispaly, tried to re-define 
image-toggle-display-text to do nothing, but this still happens.

Any advice?

Emacs with org-mode from this morning.

Leo Ufimtsev | Intern Software Engineer @ Eclipse Team

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