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[O] Reason for org meta line fontification to have the highest priority?

From: Kaushal
Subject: [O] Reason for org meta line fontification to have the highest priority?
Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 21:52:32 +0000


I came across a situation where I had an org link inside a figure caption.

But the way the org-set-font-lock-defaults is written, the org-link face gets overridden by org-meta-line face because the meta line fontification is done AFTER link fontification.

Is there a specific reason why the meta line fontification has to be done at the very last?

I have edited this function (just moved the meta line fontification above link fontification) and now I can see a link fontification within the caption.

I would like to understand if there is a reason why one should not move this order.


(defun org-set-font-lock-defaults ()
  "Set font lock defaults for the current buffer."
  (let* ((em org-fontify-emphasized-text)
(lk org-activate-links)
  ;; Call the hook
  ;; Headlines
  `(,(if org-fontify-whole-heading-line
 "^\\(\\**\\)\\(\\* \\)\\(.*\n?\\)"
"^\\(\\**\\)\\(\\* \\)\\(.*\\)")
    (1 (org-get-level-face 1))
    (2 (org-get-level-face 2))
    (3 (org-get-level-face 3)))
  ;; Table lines
  '("^[ \t]*\\(\\(|\\|\\+-[-+]\\).*\\S-\\)"
    (1 'org-table t))
  ;; Table internals
  '("^[ \t]*|\\(?:.*?|\\)? *\\(:?=[^|\n]*\\)" (1 'org-formula t))
  '("^[ \t]*| *\\([#*]\\) *|" (1 'org-formula t))
  '("^[ \t]*|\\( *\\([$!_^/]\\) *|.*\\)|" (1 'org-formula t))
  '("| *\\(<[lrc]?[0-9]*>\\)" (1 'org-formula t))
  ;; Drawers
  (list org-drawer-regexp '(0 'org-special-keyword t))
  (list "^[ \t]*:END:" '(0 'org-special-keyword t))
  ;; Properties
  (list org-property-re
'(1 'org-special-keyword t)
'(3 'org-property-value t))
           ;; Begin edit by KM
  ;; Blocks and meta lines
           ;; Move meta line fontification BEFORE the link fontification so that
           ;; if meta lines like figure or table captions have links then the
           ;; link fontification can override the meta line fontification
           ;; End edit by KM
  ;; Links
  (if (memq 'tag lk) '(org-activate-tags (1 'org-tag prepend)))
  (if (memq 'angle lk) '(org-activate-angle-links (0 'org-link t)))
  (if (memq 'plain lk) '(org-activate-plain-links (0 'org-link t)))
  (if (memq 'bracket lk) '(org-activate-bracket-links (0 'org-link t)))
  (if (memq 'radio lk) '(org-activate-target-links (0 'org-link t)))
  (if (memq 'date lk) '(org-activate-dates (0 'org-date t)))
  (if (memq 'footnote lk) '(org-activate-footnote-links))
           ;; Targets.
           (list org-any-target-regexp '(0 'org-target t))
  ;; Diary sexps.
  '("^&?%%(.*\\|<%%([^>\n]*?>" (0 'org-sexp-date t))
  ;; Macro
  '("{{{.+}}}" (0 'org-macro t))
  '(org-hide-wide-columns (0 nil append))
  ;; TODO keyword
  (list (format org-heading-keyword-regexp-format
'(2 (org-get-todo-face 2) t))
  ;; DONE
  (if org-fontify-done-headline
               (list (format org-heading-keyword-regexp-format
                              (mapconcat 'regexp-quote org-done-keywords "\\|")
                     '(2 'org-headline-done t))
  ;; Priorities
  ;; Tags
  ;; Tags groups
  (if (and org-group-tags org-tag-groups-alist)
               (list (concat org-outline-regexp-bol ".+\\(:"
                             (regexp-opt (mapcar 'car org-tag-groups-alist))
                     '(1 'org-tag-group prepend)))
  ;; Special keywords
  (list (concat "\\<" org-deadline-string) '(0 'org-special-keyword t))
  (list (concat "\\<" org-scheduled-string) '(0 'org-special-keyword t))
  (list (concat "\\<" org-closed-string) '(0 'org-special-keyword t))
  (list (concat "\\<" org-clock-string) '(0 'org-special-keyword t))
  ;; Emphasis
  (if em
               (if (featurep 'xemacs)
                   '(org-do-emphasis-faces (0 nil append))
  ;; Checkboxes
  '("^[ \t]*\\(?:[-+*]\\|[0-9]+[.)]\\)[ \t]+\\(?:address@hidden(?:start:\\)?[0-9]+\\][ \t]*\\)?\\(\\[[- X]\\]\\)"
    1 'org-checkbox prepend)
  (if (cdr (assq 'checkbox org-list-automatic-rules))
                 (0 (org-get-checkbox-statistics-face) t)))
  ;; Description list items
  '("^[ \t]*[-+*][ \t]+\\(.*?[ \t]+::\\)\\([ \t]+\\|$\\)"
    1 'org-list-dt prepend)
  ;; ARCHIVEd headings
  (list (concat
 "\\(.*:" org-archive-tag ":.*\\)")
'(1 'org-archived prepend))
  ;; Specials
  ;; Code
  '(org-activate-code (1 'org-code t))
  (list (format org-heading-keyword-regexp-format
(concat "\\("
org-comment-string "\\|" org-quote-string
'(2 'org-special-keyword t))
           ;; '(org-fontify-meta-lines-and-blocks) ; Edited by KM
    (setq org-font-lock-extra-keywords (delq nil org-font-lock-extra-keywords))
    (run-hooks 'org-font-lock-set-keywords-hook)
    ;; Now set the full font-lock-keywords
    (org-set-local 'org-font-lock-keywords org-font-lock-extra-keywords)
    (org-set-local 'font-lock-defaults
                   '(org-font-lock-keywords t nil nil backward-paragraph))
    (kill-local-variable 'font-lock-keywords) nil))

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