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Re: [O] Capturing, refiling, archiving

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] Capturing, refiling, archiving
Date: Sun, 17 May 2015 10:13:58 +0200

Titus von der Malsburg <address@hidden> writes:

> The reason why I think this would be useful is that some simple things
> are currently not possible.  Consider the following document structure:
>   * Office
>   ** To do
>   ** Finished
>   * Home
>   ** To do
>   ** Finished
> If I want to archive things under the “Agenda/Finished,” there is no way
> to achieve this (correct me if I’m wrong).  I could try this
>   (setq org-archive-location "::** Finished")
> but that is ambiguous.  It doesn’t indicate which of the two “Finished”
> nodes should be the target.
> Similar problems exist for refile targets: if I want to have the first
> “Finished” in my targets but not the second, how would I achieve that?
> None of the available facilities allows me to do this (without changing
> the document structure).
> Using the capture template way of specifying targets, both problems
> would be easy to solve because that mechanism allows me to specify the
> complete path in the document tree leading to the node of interest
> (among other things, file+regexp, etc.)

Capture and Refile are two very different concepts. In the former, you
define a static, or a set of static, accurate location that may not
exist yet. In the latter, you pile up existing locations that you filter
interactively, depending on the situation.

In your example above, it is possible to refile under any "Finished"
headline by choosing the right path.

Archiving may indeed lack a way to specify a full path in a document.
But supporting the full capture template elements doesn't make sense
either. You cannot archive into a table, an item...


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