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Re: [O] New Citation syntax on the master branch?

From: Vaidheeswaran C
Subject: Re: [O] New Citation syntax on the master branch?
Date: Mon, 18 May 2015 02:16:02 +0530
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On Sunday 17 May 2015 01:48 PM, Nicolas Goaziou wrote:

>> How about making (1) a configurable option -- disabled by default --
>> > and moving it to trunk?
> I don't want syntax to be configurable.


>> > I believe the answer depends MORE on how "stable" you think the new
>> > citation syntax is (in so far as it is implemented) and LESS on
>> > whether the whole ecosystem is in place.

> We can add oc-jabref (not ox-jabref, which is reserved for export
> back-ends) in a branch and have some users test it. This is the only way
> to know if the syntax is sufficient.

I will rename the module as you suggest.  I would also like to polish
a few more things.  Unlike other contrib modules, I want this module
to be changed only by FSF-approved authors so that I can put it on GNU

(My future assignment is through, so the route is clear.)


While we are on this...

I would like to submit some patches to ox-odt.el.  I have plenty of
local changes (that were made on a older version of trunk).

As part of preparation for submitting my changes to Org repo,

1. I have reverted patches applied to the trunk since my change.
2. Applied my patches to (1).
3. Re-play (1) on top of 3.

Since my dis-appearance couple of months ago, there have been more
changes to ox-odt.el (which I need to replay again).

Here is a snapshot of my workarea:
http://repo.or.cz/w/org-mode/org-cv.git/shortlog. Step (1) above
corresponds to this

a) I haven't updated the ODT nodes of Info manual.  I would prefer to
   update the manual AFTER the merge of elisp code.

b) Bugs if any introduced by my merge are going to be minor and IMHO,
   they could be taken up AFTER the merge.

I hope the above arrangement for merging my changes is agreeable to
the maintainers.  (Let me know what you think)

This message is more of a heads-up.  I will let you know once I am
done with (3).  Meanwhile, I would encourage the current ODT exporter
users to try out my new private repo and report any issues.

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