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Re: [O] get name of source block

From: Sebastien Vauban
Subject: Re: [O] get name of source block
Date: Mon, 18 May 2015 10:55:45 +0200
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Andreas Leha wrote:
> for quite some time I've had the following in my .emacs:
> ;; This Snippet returns the name of the current source block.
> ;; An elisp block to simplify the =:prologue= definition.
> ;; Author: Eric Schulte
> ;; It is useful to insert the debug message 'Entering foo()' as output.
> ;; For R code blocks, enable it with this line:
> ;; #+PROPERTY: header-args:R :session *R* :prologue (format "print(\"entering 
> %s\")" (get-current-name))
> (defun get-current-name ()
>   (or (when org-babel-current-src-block-location
>         (save-excursion
>           (goto-char org-babel-current-src-block-location)
>           (while (and (forward-line -1)
>                       (looking-at org-babel-multi-line-header-regexp)))
>           (when (looking-at org-babel-src-name-w-name-regexp)
>             (org-no-properties (match-string 3)))))
>       ""))
> That had stopped working during export (my main use-case) a few weeks
> back.  Now, org-babel-src-name-w-name-regexp is gone from the source
> so that this snippet is completely broken.
> I would like to again have the name of the source block displayed
> during execution of src blocks.  Is there a function in org already?
> And if not, how would the proposed function look like so that it works
> during export as well?

Seems to come from:

* 49a656a ob-core: Remove `org-babel-src-name-w-name-regexp' <Nicolas Goaziou> 
* cec47a6 ob-core: Change `org-babel-named-src-block-regexp-for-name' signature 
<Nicolas Goaziou> (2015-05-01)

Maybe looking at the diff would give you the way to translate the regexp
into some newer form?

Best regards,

Sebastien Vauban

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