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[O] Exporting custom dynamic blocks

From: Bernhard Schmitz
Subject: [O] Exporting custom dynamic blocks
Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 14:58:46 +0000


What is the canonical way of exporting custom dynamic blocks? Is there a 
mechanism similar to org-dblock-write: only for exporting dblocks? I cannot 
find any documentation on this.

To give a little background to my question: I am currently writing a conversion 
from deadlines/schedules/effort to pgf-gantt charts. This was discussed before 
on this list, but I couldn't find anyone actually implementing it. (In case 
someone wants to try: 
Ideally I would like to create a custom dynamic block that contains the result 
of my parsing and computation, and then have a custom exporter for that dynamic 
block that creates the pgf-gantt code, so that I can later add exporters for 
other formats, e.g. html.

If there is no such mechanism, what is the best way of storing that pgf-gantt 
source code so that it gets integrated into latex export, but doesn't interfere 
with other exporters? Currently I'm simply writing the pgf-gantt code into the 
custom block, and this does get exported correctly to latex, but produces boxes 
with error messages in html.

Thank you & regards,

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