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[O] help with custom exporter

From: Stephen J. Barr
Subject: [O] help with custom exporter
Date: Sat, 30 May 2015 16:49:44 -0700


I am trying to modify ox-md.el. I do not know too much emacs lisp so please bear with me.

Hypothetically, if I want to modify the exporter to add a "THIS DOCUMENT BY: " at the beginning, could I do:

(defun org-md-template (contents info)
  "Return complete document string after Markdown conversion.
CONTENTS is the transcoded contents string.  INFO is a plist used
as a communication channel."
  (concat "THIS DOCUMENT BY: " (plist-get info :author) "\n" contents)

However, I get an error:

org-md-template: Wrong type argument: characterp, #("Stephen

What is the output type of plist-get? Not a string?


Stephen J. Barr
PhD Student, Operations Management
Dept: Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM)
Michael G. Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Phone:  425 516 5012
Twitter: @stevejb

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