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Re: [O] Filtering properties in agenda view

From: Georg Otto
Subject: Re: [O] Filtering properties in agenda view
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2015 21:04:48 +0000
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Thanks for your answer! Unfortunately, it does not work for me as described in the manual.

For example I have an entry with the Property "Test"

* TODO test
SCHEDULED: <2015-11-01 Sun>

C-c am

Match: Category=Test

I get a buffer that is empty except for the lines:

Headlines with TAGS match: Category=Test
Press `C-u r' to search again with new search string

Any idea?


On 30/10/2015 17:25, Subhan Michael Tindall wrote:
Read a little further down.  It's all in the syntax, you have to specify a property name and value.
From the org manual:
C-c a m 
Match: BIB_AUTHOR="Walter Evensong"

On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 8:13 AM Georg Otto <address@hidden> wrote:
Dear all,

I am trying to filter my entries in agenda view by properties

According to the orgmode manual, this can be done with C-c a m

However for me, C-c a m filters only on tags, not on properties. Also
the commands C-c / m and C-c \ give me an error, saying they are

Has anybody an idea what is going on? How can I filter properties in
agenda view. and vice versa, how can I exclude a property from agenda

I am running emacs 24.3.1 and orgmode 7.9.3f



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