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[O] Publishing a Book as PDF and ePub.

From: Ian Barton
Subject: [O] Publishing a Book as PDF and ePub.
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2015 15:37:44 +0000
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Next year our mountaineering club has its 50th anniversary. On the
21st anniversary we published a book of articles written by members of
the club. Luckily the text was written in WordPerfect and I have
converted it to a series of org-mode files, one per chapter. For the
upcoming 50th anniversary we want to make the book available in both
pdf and ePub or mobi format.

Creating ePub doesn't look too hard by exporting to html and using
something like Calibre to make the ePub/mobi file. However, as a Latex
neophyte I was wondering which of the several Latex packages would be
suitable. The structure of the book is very simple. No tables or
formulae but has some photos and cartoons, which I have scanned from
the originals.

All I need is something that will let me format chapter headings,
author attributions and produce a TOC. Templates like Memoir seem to
be vast overkill for my needs and have documentation several times
longer than our book!

Best wishes,


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