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[O] Adding new switch or header

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: [O] Adding new switch or header
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2015 15:54:07 +0000
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I am trying to implement a new backend based on the HTML export. I need
to do some post-processing to the source blocks that needs to be
optional. For some blocks I need to replace "[" with "\[" and for some I

I am not sure whether to use headers or switches.


#+begin_src java -s
  student[ 4 ]

would produce html with

  student\[ 4 ]

inside, while

#+begin_src java
  student[ 4 ]

would produce just

  student[ 4 ]

Is it possible to add new switches? And in the exporter how do I know
which switches are present on a block?


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