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[O] insert aligned table using capture template

From: Shankar Rao
Subject: [O] insert aligned table using capture template
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 11:01:12 -0800

I'm trying to use to org-capture insert tables into a datetree that I use to manage my finances. Below is the capture template I set up for it. Is there a way to make the table be aligned after I finalize the capture?



(setq org-capture-templates
("f" "Add Tables" plain
(file+datetree+prompt "~/my-table-file.org")
 ,(concat "#+TBLNAME: accounts-%<%y%m%d>\n"
                  "| Account | Initial | Final | Calculations |\n"
                  "| Account A | | | |\n"
                  "| Account B | | | |\n"
                  "| Account C | | | |\n")
:immediate-finish t
:jump-to-captured t)

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