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Re: [O] bug in org-habits

From: John Wiegley
Subject: Re: [O] bug in org-habits
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2015 15:55:20 -0500
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>>>>> Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> writes:

> I'd rather not have syntax too much customizable, for portability, ease of
> maintenance, too. There are already too many mistakes in that area.

Thanks for discussing this with me, Nicolas. I appreciate there may be
technical complexities involved. Could we special-case allow PROPERTIES to be
the *very last thing* in an entry? I don't need it to float anywhere else. I
just like it to be at the end.

> If you need to end your entry with a drawer, couldn't you put any of them
> there? You can even have one there named "PROPERTIES".

But it wouldn't be the true PROPERTIES, would it? Most of my entries look like
this (and I have many thousands of them):

** TODO Update auto insurance cards                             :Home:ATTACH:
SCHEDULED: <2016-03-11 Fri +6m>
- State "DONE"       from "TODO"       [2015-09-11 Fri 11:28]
- State "WAITING"    from "TODO"       [2015-07-22 Wed 19:48]
- State "DONE"       from "STARTED"    [2014-12-13 Sat 15:56]
- State "DONE"       from "TODO"       [2014-03-31 Mon 03:11]
- State "CANCELED"   from "TODO"       [2013-12-11 Wed 19:23]
- State "CANCELED"   from "TODO"       [2013-05-21 Tue 12:30]
- State "DONE"       from "TODO"       [2012-05-17 Thu 22:24]
- State "CANCELED"   from "TODO"       [2011-04-23 Sat 22:04]
- State "TODO"       from "DONE"       [2010-10-23 Sat 21:54]
- State "DONE"       from "TODO"       [2010-10-08 Fri 14:26]
:ID:       B1F3D3F6-9F39-4899-9AF8-93E019E7C6BB
:CREATED:  [2010-05-08 Sat 17:34]
:LAST_REPEAT: [2015-09-11 Fri 11:28]
:Attachments: AutoInsuranceIdCards.pdf

I suppose I've just become familiar with seeing :PROPERTIES: as the "period"
at the end of the entry, and I'll like to keep it there if we can devise a
technical answer that does not make life more difficult for you.


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