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Re: [O] contributing to work on citations

From: Aaron Ecay
Subject: Re: [O] contributing to work on citations
Date: Fri, 06 Nov 2015 13:10:45 +0000
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Hi Matt,

2015ko azaroak 6an, Matt Price-ek idatzi zuen:

> Hey, Aaron,
> Am I right that I need to check out your wip-cite-awe branch from ~8 months
> ago? 

Richard Lawrence forked that branch, and made some changes on top of it,
so you should probably start with his branch.  His changes aren’t in the
org-mode repo but rather github: <https://github.com/wyleyr/org-mode.git>
(That should be a url suitable for git clone or git remote add; the branch
with his work in it is called wip-cite-org-citeproc and not master).

> Would it make sense to try to merge recent changes on master into that
> branch first?

That’s a good first step.  Hopefully any conflicts will be minor, but
don’t hesitate to shout for help if there are problems!

> Anyway, I figure I will try to modify zotxt-emacs so it provides these
> functions and generates conformant cite: links.

NB the new citation support doesn’t use links à la org-ref, but rather a
dedicated syntax object (maybe that’s what you meant, but calling the
new citations “links” is not technically correct).

> That seems the easiest solution, and maybe Erik will give me some help
> once I've made some initial progress.  Meanwhile I will try to learn
> enough about javascript to get started on the citeproc-js ocmmand-line
> tool.  thx, matt


Aaron Ecay

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